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Financial Aid

St. Clair College’s Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries are some of the major sources of financial assistance available to students who are pursuing a post-secondary Education at the College. For more information Click Here

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office at:
Room 134
1001 Grand Avenue West, Chatham
Tel: 519-354-9100
Fax: 519-354-6941



Find jobs through the following quick links:
Student Jobs on Campus
Canadian Youth Business Foundation
Workopolis Campus
Wallaceburg Employment Centre



The St. Clair College Foundation seeks and obtains support from companies, organizations and individuals, to make a number of scholarships available to full-time St. Clair College students. For more information on Scholarships click here.

The St. Clair College Foundation manages the general Scholarship program for St. Clair College. For more information on Establishing a Scholarship Click Here



Rent-A-Text is about affordability. It provides you with the option of renting a new or used textbook for an academic term rather than purchasing it. At the end of the term, you simply bring the textbook back to the bookstore where it is checked in. Renting instead of buying can save you more than 50% on average compared to the purchase price of a new textbook.

All you need is to be 18 years or older, with a valid credit card, e-mail address, and driver’s license/provincial ID. You will be asked to fill out a rental agreement for each new rental transaction. If you are renting two books at one time then one agreement will be enough. The rental agreement signifies your commitment to bringing your book back by the check-in date.

For those of you who are not 18 or do not have a credit card, you can always ask your parents or guardians to rent the textbooks for you Click Here


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Graduation Photos

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Class Representative Manual

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Director Application

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Clubs Manual

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Students Guide to Grade Appeals

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